This is us being fancypants.

This is us being


(because sometimes it's fun to be fancypants)

david trumbo owner in black suit under umbrella in pines
laura trumbo sitting in a patch of purple flowers wearing fancy dress

But mostly, we are not fancypants.

But mostly, we are not fancypants.

photographer couple in front of yellow layton camper

We are best friends.

Truly, there is no better place for us to be than together.


We raised three beautiful daughters

to be independent, creative, and

strong women. They make our

hearts swell!


We have a crazy golden retriever

named Duke. He is a good good boy.

We also have a dear, sweet angel cat named Orangie, who is 22 years old.


We are both the babies of quite large families, and cherish the times when

we are lucky enough to get together with them.


We love anything that takes us


Camping, fishing, sunrise, sunset,

dip in the lake, nap on the dunes,

climb the mountain, gaze the

milky way.

We are eternally grateful for nature!


photographer couple backpacking in Kentucky hills with packs on

Besides the great outdoors, our hobbies include gardening,

building stuff, riding our bides, finding the best ice cream flavor, traveling,

cooking supper together, and spending time with those we love.








David is cornhole crazy, and Laura loves to get her nose into a good book.


We strive to live a simple life.

Working together in the yard,

taking walks around the block,

listening to good music,

and chatting around the bonfire.

This is what counts to us.


And while sometimes being fancypants is fun, we will take meaningful any day.

If it sounds like we are your type of people,

hit the button below and let's make something meaningful together!

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and everyday adventures in

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